Election Expenses JJ Fraser of Blantyre

UK_polling_station_sign-825x510I was surprised on TWO counts to see this record in 1935 of a miner standing for parliamentary elections. Also due to his level of expenses, which in 1935 for that campaign were £320 (a sum of £21,000 in today’s money!).

PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION, 14th November, 1935.
SUMMARY THE ELECTION EXPENSES OF JOHN JAMES FRASER, of 5 Jackson Street, Blantyre, Miner, Candidate at the recent Election Member to serve in Parliament for the Parliamentary County of Berwick and Haddington:

Candidate’s Personal expenses 43 3 2
Election Agent …, 12
Sub Agents, Clerks and Messengers 37 2 4
Postages and , … 10
Printing, Stationery, Advertising … 86 2
Halls and Committee Rooms 49 15
Miscellaneous 82 5 1
Total : £320 9 9

Labour candidate, JJ Fraser won this election with 914,000 votes by comparison to his rival whom only had 20,000.

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