1925 The Reds Quoiting Club

1925 The Reds Quoiting Club, Blantyre

1925 The Reds Quoiting Club, Blantyre

This photo is not the Auchentibber Quoiting Club, but was taken at a similar time. Other quoiting clubs existed in Blantyre, although perhaps were not as well known as the accomplished Auchentibber players. Quoiting greens were located at Broompark Road and at Stonefield Public Park, as well as the famous Italian Gardens near Auchentibber Inn.

This remarkable photo, shared here by Gordon Cook was taken in 1925. Pictured at ‘The Reds” Quoiting Club, Blantyre. The club was perhaps linked to communist members or could have simply been a colourful distinction for each separate team.

Despite best endeavours, I could not find any record of them playing professionally, although they are pictured here along with their dogs and even a child, beside some winners trophies. Quoiting ends in Auchentibber in 1929. I’ll be posting about Blantyre’s various Quoiting teams in the coming weeks.

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