For the Better, by Drew Semple

A great poem, by Drew Semple.

For the Better

The streets are so much wider now,
The tram cars are all gone,
The sandstones lost the battle,
To the supermarket spawn.

Stonefield road was vibrant,
The shops had cake and candy,
You crossed the road to go a walk,
And headed down the dandy.

The public park gala day,
Was a sight to behold,
Logan Street, Elm Street,
These were Streets of gold.

Regeneration, modernisation,
The answer to it all,
We took their word for gospel,
As we watch our last school fall,

This is for the better,
They told our parents then,
This is for the better,

Drew Semple (March 2008)
Copyright grecodisc.

1904 Joanna Terrace

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