Motor Cycle Tragedy 1929


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 14.23.43John Forrest Ramsay, a young London student appeared before Sheriff McDonald and a jury at Hamilton Sheriff Court on Friday 13th September 1929, charged with having driven a motor-cycle on the High Blantyre Road, Burnbank, on 2nd and 3rd July 1928 in a reckless and culpable manner, and at an excessive speed, whereby knocking down William McCreadie,a railway signalman of 368 Main Street, High Blantyre, who subsequently died from his injuries.

Archibald Nelson, railway shunter, of 3 Donaldson Street, Burnbank, stated that about a quarter to twelve at night, he and McCreadie crossed High Blantyre Road. Witness saw nothing, but heard a rumbling noise coming from Glasgow Road. He and McCreadie had walked on the road only a few yards when they were struck from behind. Witnesses did not hear any horn blown. Constable Gait of Burnbank said he saw the cycle pass into High Blantyre Road from the Hamilton direction. In his opinion, the machine was travelling at 40 miles per hour. There was no light at the front of the motorcycle, and when it passed, he saw there was no rear light either.

William McCreadie lived in the tenement that was adjoined to High Blantyre Old Parish Church Hall at Kirkton (as pictured)

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