Mullen run over by train 1900


1900 RCE Death William MullinOn Saturday afternoon of 31st March 1900, a shocking fatality took place at High Blantyre as the 1.7 passenger train from Strathaven approached High Blantyre Station. To the horror of the driver, he saw a man sitting down on the rails, and he was run over before the engine and the train could stop. The accident happened 130 yards south of Sydes Brae

The body of the man, which was fearfully mutilated was later found to be 32-year old William Mullen a miner, who lived at Scott’s Land, Barnhill. He was a single man, and had left his home to go up to Udston Colliery to get his pay, but being under the influence of drink, he had sat down on the rails for a sleep. A doctors report later confirmed he had been struck on the head and died instantaneously. Unmarried, it is unlikely that anybody today is a direct descendant of William.

Alex Rochead, kindly looked into this story and added, “The 1895 valuation has William living in a house in Barnhill owned by Mrs George Scott. It looks like the Scott family owned quite a few houses in Barnhill over the years. By 1905 the estate became the property of Mrs Agnes Scott.”

Pictured in the 1930s is High Blantyre Station, showing the tracks in the distance where the accident occurred.

Source: Hamilton Advertiser and the kind assistance of Alex Rochead.

1930s High Blantyre Station L.M.S.

1930s High Blantyre Station

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