Frank Markey, Boxer 1929



1933 Frank Markey , Blantyre boxer

Frank Markey was a professional boxer from Blantyre who was active between 1926 and 1944. He boxed at flyweight; bantamweight; featherweight and took part in 159 professional contests.

On Saturday 2nd February 1929, Frank Markey took part in the final for the bantam weight championship of Scotland fighting against opponent Johnny Smith. It wasn’t to be his night with Johnny winning on points much to the displeasure of the crowd. The match was fought at Waverley Market, Edinburgh.

The fight took place over 20 rounds each 3 minutes, which went the full distance, each opponent exhausted. It was a clean fight, which had over 3,000 people attending to watch. 1933 saw a return to form, after a slump in performance.

4 responses to “Frank Markey, Boxer 1929

  1. Hya, don’t remember much he lived at Frazer crescent and me or my wee.sister would go up to his house every Sunday to take him to either his daughter Margaret or Ellen (my gran) for his dinner then go bk up to walk him to the welfare club,,he would always be very smarty dressed with his suit n coat he was starting to forget things but a would keep on at him all way up the hill about his fights lol it worked coz he would remember then he would say thers a shilling you hurry home and I will see you next Sunday

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  2. Frank markey was my great grandfather I only remember him as an old man in his 80s its great to see a pic of him as a young man


      • I only remember him an old man in his 80s smartly dressed always,he lived in Hamilton his 2 daughters ellen (my gran) and margaret lived 5 minutes away and took turns cooking his meals and me or my wee sister would take it up to his flat and on a Sunday walk him up to the welfare were he went every week and he would give us a shilling lol,he was starting to loose his memory and I would ask him about his boxing days he was such a gentleman,, not much information but its all I can remember


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