Priory Bridge Wildflower Meadow


2016 Priory Meadow3 wmI like this idea a lot. The local residents association for Priory Bridge estate on Sunday 22nd May 2016 came together and organised a fun day of sowing wild flowers.

Adults and children alike had previously acquired wild flower seeds from an initiative called “Grow Wild – Flowers to the People” who have a website at:

South Lanarkshire Council had kindly rotovated an area of a field within the Priory Bridge estate with the view of establishing a wildflower meadow. The residents association then organised a group of volunteers who live nearby to help to dig and flatten the area then sowed a multitude of seeds, as the sun came out.

All being well, there should be a lovely wildflower meadow at Priory Bridge to enjoy over this summer and in summers to come. Well done to all involved!

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