1979 Hamilton Playbus


1979 playbus at Auchinraith Road1 wm copyDoes anybody remember a Blantyre or Hamilton playbus?

This photo from 1979, was taken at the bottom Auchinraith road near Herbertson Street. Reid’s printing factory was not long after built at back of where this bus is parked and the buildings in background are where the current council depot is in Forrest Street .

Reid’s Printers is now Gavin Watson Printing. If you drive into their carpark at the back of the building you can still see this dead end road alignment on what was once the end of Auchinraith Road.

One response to “1979 Hamilton Playbus

  1. I remember that old playbus, it used to go to different places on different days of the week. I remember playing in it in the early to mid 80’s on Gordon road, burnbank as my aunt and uncle used to babysit me while my parents were at work. Inside there was a sandbox behind the drivers cab, at the back there was a mock up shop with an old till, can’t remember much else except that I used to love going out to play on it….happy memories


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