William Scott Jnr 1873 – 1907


1924 William & Mary Scott Stationers wmBetty McLean in Canada emailed me in July commenting, “I noticed in a recent facebook article about a man who had died at the Hallside Works.  This reminded me of a similar incident in the family tree information I have. I’m sending the info to you for your interest.  William Scott Jnr was the son of William and Mary Scott (nee Kennedy), both of whom eventually passed the business to their daughter Jean or Jane as she was sometimes known (married to Alexander McLean) from Jean to her son William, then Alistair.  Now owned by my second cousin.”

William Scott Jnr was born on 23rd January 1873 in Glasgow and was the eldest son of William Scott and Mary Kennedy. He died aged 34 on 29th November 1907, as a result of a tragic accident. The Hamilton Advertiser picked up the story:

“William Scott was a labourer who lived at Gladstone Place, Stonefield in Blantyre. The young man was fatally scalded and died in the Royal Infirmary from injuries that he had received on the 25th November 1907 in the Clyde Steelworks at Peacock Cross.The deceased it was alleged was going for water at the close of the day to cool the furnace ashes and in the fog, he stumbled into a tank of boiling water and was severely scalded on the left leg. He was attended by Dr Brownlie who dressed the injuries and ordered him to the Royal Infirmary where he eventually passed away after lingering for 4 days. He was a member of Burnbank Rechabites.”

Pictured in the mid 1920’s, at least 2 decades later is William and Mary Scott, the parents of William Scott Jnr.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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