Advert: Robertsons 1950

This next advert needs no introduction. Many people in Blantyre will fondly remember the long established company, Robertsons of Springwell. The history of Robertson’s will be appearing on this website very soon.

What are your memories of Robertsons?

1950 Robertsons Advert wm

On social media:

Ian Campbell Best days of my life lol
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Jublees absolutely magic! 😀
Catherine Sneddon My mum met my dad working there xx
Marion Mcphee is it still there x
Carol Crombie Long since gone sadly
Marion Mcphee oh i remember the ginger works from over 50 years ago x
Carol Crombie My dad was a mechanic there, but he never brought us ‘ginger’ or jubilees Jean Orr My mum Mary Watson worked there x
Davy Thomson Brother and sister worked there in the 80,s,, my cousin was the manager,,, and I stole the rejects from the bin out the back lol
Betty McLean Loved their ginger
Anne Ellis Best lemonade ever
Marie Rooney Robertson’s Orange the best ever!
Jane Johnstone Taking your empty ginger bottles back to the lorry. My Auntie lived at, No 1 Springwell Crescent.

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