Christina Wilson b1889


1910-christina-wilson-of-auchentibber-farm-wmThanks again to Jim Cochrane for sharing this photo. Jim added, “This is Christina Wilson, at Auchintibber Farm, sometime between 1900- 1910 I think. She was good friends with my Great Grannie Main.” 

Looking at the 1901 census, Christina was living at Auchentibber Farm with her parents and siblings and was in that year only 12 years old. I reckon this photo dates from 1910 or so, making her around 21 in Jim’s photo.

Born in 1889 at South Craighall, East Kilbride, her family lived there until around 1900. Certainly her younger brother was born in October 1900 at Auchentibber, where the family then lived. In 1901, Christina was 12 years old. Being on the farm with a largely male family, the only other females around would have been her mother Janet and Elizabeth Smith a 16 year old farm servant.

I have mapped out Christina’s immediate family tree as below:


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