Blantyre Alsatian Dog Club

With the growing popularity of keeping pets at home, the 1950’s and 1960’s in Blantyre saw a growing number of dedicated clubs to specific breeds. Namely, whippets, terriers and in this instance, Alsatians.

The Blantyre Alsatian Club was known to exist in Blantyre in 1968, although little is known about them. Their dogs were taken to venues all over Lanarkshire and in 1968, displays in Bellshill were common. Known Blantyre members are referred to simply as Mrs. Wynn, Mr Hendrie, Mr. McLeod, Miss Murray, Mr Smith and Mrs Steel.

Sorry, details are vague, but I’m posting as this was definitely a known club in Blantyre and I’d love to add detail to it. Can you tell me anything else about the Blantyre Alsatian Club? Where did they meet? How long did the club run for and can the people in this story be identified?

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