1910 Barnhill, Bardykes Road


1910-barnhill-bardykes-road-wmThis photo is of Barnhill at Bardykes Road, looking northwards. To the right is the familiar sight of the Hoolets Public House, then the Barnhill Tavern. How quiet this road used to be. Children sit and play in the road, a horse and cart coming into the scene in the foreground.

Here’s a better copy, in colour


(c) Blantyre Project

On social media:

John Lynaghan Think it was Margo Mc Donald’s pub at one time
Betty Hendry It was.
John Taylor Margo did live there with her then husband
Late sixties early seventies
Refer gordon cookie
Jane Maxwell It had a lovely little lounge when Margo had the Hoolets in the sixties / seventies. I did not recognise it when my hubby and I popped in one evening but it still is a friendly pub.
Jane Clacy Ladies had to drink in the coffin !

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