1947 Blantyre Aerial


1947-aerial-photo-wmBlantyre man Tom Robertson gave me a copy of this aerial photo.

Pictured from above is Blantyre in 1947, just after WW2. The most prominent feature is probably the length of Stonefield Road and the junction with Glasgow Road. You can see also Dixon’s Rows, the former miners homes spanning off Stonefield Road and of course just how rural Blantyre was even as recently as the 1940s.

This photo was actually put together by me by a rather painful process of copying, pasting, nudging, aligning, re-arranging etc. and was altogether a full night’s work for Mr Gordon Cook, so it is much appreciated.

(c) Blantyre Project

On social media:

Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Sometimes wish it was still as rural as this. Might have been a nicer place to live
Shona Glaister Would that be Millheugh at bottom left corner, or am I miles out?
The Blantyre Project Yes, Milheugh very noticeable on the bottom left, with their gravel paths sweeping in from the “white gates” at Hunthill.
Elizabeth Weaver That’s the year I was born and the Blantyre I remember.
Jim McSorley Great photo. I can see wheatlandhead farm.
David Wands James Connolly, right up your street – so to speak.
Mary Bennett Can still see my house on Glasgow Road.
AmyJane Bennett I see it too! Next door has the triangle shaped garden… am i right???
Ian Paterson Fearnslea ashley place & chestnut grove aren’t even built yet

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