1920s Calderglen House


Pictured here in the 1920s is Calderglen House which remarkably still looks very similar, although of course now used as a care home. Back then in the 1920s Calderglen Estate owner J.R Cochrane had died in 1921, leaving much of the estate to his two unmarried daughters although each went out in the world with their own lives to lead, often far away from Blantyre.  In 1930, Mr Hugh Bickett was leasing Calderglen from owners Summerlee Iron Company. Mr Bickett leased the farm, offices and a house at the farm.

By the 1950’s, the Cochrane era was over and ended nearly 80 years of this well known family in Blantyre.

(c) Blantyre Project

On social media:

Janet Cochrane Worked in the care home from 1988 till 1998
Suzanne Kelly I also worked there from 1998 until 2004 great place and a beautiful stately home x
Anthony Smith When My father died,early 90,s,I was able to get my mother into this care home.For the short time she was here,she thought it was a great place and had nothing but praise for all the staff.

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