1920 High Blantyre Station Staff



I’m assured this photo represents the High Blantyre Railway Staff in 1920. I had some doubts about its authenticity as I knew the windows at the former High Blantyre Station were rectangular and not arched, however I suppose this could be the back of the building.  The lamps certainly look like those used at High Blantyre.

It looks like 4.10pm according to the station clock and the porters have luggage stored on a cart. The stationmaster is standing at the left, his uniform accessorised by a pocket watch.

According to my notes, Mr John Farquharson was a clerk at this station during this era, who would go on to be stationmaster of Paisley in 1932. Mr A.G Michie was a previous stationmaster at High Blantyre, certainly during 1879, but it is unknown when he retired. The Stationmaster on the left is most likely either Mr Strang who up until November 1920, served at High Blantyre after which he left to go to Callendar. Following his departure, he was succeeded by Mr Thomson and either the departure or new appointment may very well have been the reason for this photo.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c)

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