1939 The Lido, Bothwell Bridge


1939-lido-by-john-youngs-uncle-wmThis lovely photo is of Bothwell Bridge and the Lido. It shows the newly constructed gardens, perhaps the reason the photo was taken and how well kept they were. This photo is just one from a series of photos taken by John Young’s Uncle in 1939, during a cycle tour.

How amazing he took his camera on his summer travels and managed to capture all the places he felt were beautiful enough to stop at.

On social media:

Elizabeth Weaver Happy memories of summer picnics here when we were young – it was a beautiful spot.
Paul Veverka I always feel slightly guilty posting about the lido. It’s not Blantyre parish and just over the boundary, but still close enough to show here.
Helen Lawson Taylor Spent most of our school holidays there and enjoyed days spent with our friends.
Betty McLean You can always extend the Blantyre border right here to Canada. LOL
Jim McSorley What’s there now??
The Blantyre Project Jim – This is EXACTLY the same vantage point now. I have no words for this.

Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud and outdoor
Isabel Mcneily I remember going there with my family for picnics.Great times, quite a fair walk from Coatshill Avenue where we Clarkin’s lived
Jean Steven Frame I remember when I was young a little boy from Burnbank drowned there.

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