Hamilton Tablet for Livingstone



In 1913, as the country celebrated 100 year centenary of Livingstone’s birth, a memorial tablet was also unveiled in St James Congregational Church, Hamilton, with which the Livingstone family was associated. David as a young man had become a member of that church.

Mr. William Naismith of the Yews, who knew the Livingstone family, performed the unveiling. The tablet grey and white marble was the work of Mr. A. Anderson Rhind, Hamilton, with the inscription – “To celebrate the centenary of Dr David Livingstone, missionary and traveller, a former member of his parent’s church. Born at Blantyre 19.3.1813. Died at Illala, Africa 1.5.1873. St James Congregational Church 19th March 1913.” Ulva Cottage, Bunrbank Road, Hamilton was for some time the home of the Livingstone family and of David Livingstone’s children, still being extant.

St James Church in Auchingramont Road, Hamilton closed in 1966 and is now a block of flats. However, St James merged with the congregational church in South Park Road to become Hamilton Reformed Church, and the plaque was taken there, where it remains today. It is Hamilton’s nod to our famous Blantyre explorer.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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