Collins Bakery & Birrell’s Sweet Shop


Back to the 1960’s and Glasgow Road. Its 1963 here and children hang about Collins’ Bakery and Birrell’s Sweet Shop. To see the cakes and sweets in both windows, must have been an exciting thing, prior to heading into the cinema next door.

The scene is of course near the junction of Station Road. Collin’s Bakery was originally based here on Glasgow Road under the first canopy on the left, before later moving up to Broompark Road.

Birrell’s Sweet shop was immediately next door in the one storey building, under the second canopy, the one on the right beside the cinema. They offered sweets on trays and there was a farthing, halfpenny and penny tray. It looks to have had address 252 Glasgow Road.

What are your memories of these shops?

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

On social media:

Margaret Brown Burns Remember both shops . Don’t remember who served in Birrells but remember Annie Collins very well. Also have memories of the Broadway i loved the entrance and stair case
John Lynaghan Great shops right next door to the broadway cinema
Jean Brown Used to go into Birrells with Mum and Dad, and Papa for sweets before going to the Broadway
Catherine Davidson Birrell’s going in for coconut cubes before going into the “pictures”. The Broadway. Happy memories.
Colin Duffy I remember going in to birrells for. a quarter of Jap desserts. Before going in to Broadway
Gord Fotheringham We loved the railing in front of the Broadway…..we all sat on it…..then into Vince’s fur some chips…..never ate fish…..still don’t…….
Isabel Mcneily Always went into the sweet shop before going to the movies
Michael Dickson Jim the wee boy on the left is me m8
Sadie Dolan Loved both shops we used to go into birrels get our sweets for the pictures, and get our cream cakes when we were allowed to take cakes into school at milk time.great memories of these shops.
Janet Allan Used to go to Agnes Hamilton the fruit shop for chipped fruit before going to the fleapit that was the Broadway xxx
Sadie Dolan Yeah that was another one Janet, get the cinnamon balls etc x
Bill Duncan I remember Birrell’s but not Collins shop in that location. Eddie Collins supplied the cake for my wedding in 1962 the receipt has the address of the bakery as 12 Watson Street.

The Blantyre Project thank you Bill. This is actually very helpful!! I didnt realise the shop was at Glasgow Road when the bakery was at Watson Street. I thought it was a clean, full move at one time.
William Feechan The Collins used to stay at 59 Hardie street i used to deliver there papers for Wullie Pate , my brother Tam now lives there
Stephen Allan Anyone know exactly when the Credit Union was built?
John McNulty Fantastic lots of memories of both shops and the Broadway

One response to “Collins Bakery & Birrell’s Sweet Shop

  1. The shop was owned by Mr Kelly and he was a Master Shoemaker not a cobbler. The cobblers in Stonefield Road was owned by Frank Mc Ghie. Prior to moving to the shop on Glasgow Road, Mr Kelly’s shop was in Victoria Street exactly where The Little Tea Room sits.


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