1967 Women’s Guild Outing


1967-womens-guild-wmThis photo was taken in High Blantyre in 1967. Shared here by Liz Weaver, this is an outing of the guild at Blantyre Old Parish Church.

Some of the people are known. From left, Mrs Elsie Dale (wife of the Rev George Dale), then the mother of Liz, Jean Weaver, then Liz herself (the youngest girl around 20 years old), then Meg McKnight, Mrs Neilson but the last lady’s name is unknown.

Liz told me, “The garden at The Glebe was still being laid out as you can see – much of the work was carried out by Jock Russell who lived in the whitewashed cottage down Craigmuir Rd -between us and the Kirk. Eventually it was hedged and walled before my folks moved away to Perthshire.”

On social media:

Henry Hambley Wonderful picture. I didn’t think I would be saying that about a photograph of High Blantyre women’s guild. But so many memories !
Moyra Lindsay I think that might be Mrs Neilsons daughter.
Liz Johnson Is that Brian weaver’s mum

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