Blantyre Ferme Shaft damage


1962-blantyreferme-abandoned-wmOn Wednesday morning of 9th February 1927, the two cages at No. 1 Pit, Blantyre Ferme Colliery, came into contact and, buckling, took the water pipes with them, causing damage to the shaft and rendering it unworkable.

Three hundred men, who were below the time, had to get out No. 2 Pit. The damage, fortunately, was repaired the same day and the men returned to their work as usual the following morning.

Pictured looking northwards in 1962, is BlantyreFerme Colliery looking across the railway to Uddingston, the River Clyde out the photo to the right.

(c) Blantyre Project

On social media:

Anthony Smith During the early 70,s,I worked in the pit baths block for a company Called Plastic Rod and Tube Ltd.,who made fibreglass fishing rods….The building straight across from the baths was involved in the smelting of aluminium.
The Blantyre Project Thanks Anthony. Do you know when the buildings closed?
Anthony Smith Sorry,no.I left Plastic Rod and Tube in the mid 70,s and both businesses were still a going concern then.
Colin Wotherspoon Great photo of the pit baths on the right and the canteen on the left plus winding gear of what was called the big pit and wee pit shafts
Colin Wotherspoon The houses pictured on the on the other side of the Railway is Kylepark well renowned area of Uddingston (Aidieston) if you lived in Finmeoot you had to walk through the Brickworks then through the pit by the baths the shortest route to Uddingston

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