Blantyreferme Bathhouse Ruins


In January 2017, Alex Rochead was walking at Blantyreferme near the River Clyde and noticed these ruins not far from the former Colliery site. There were bricks and foundations and what appeared to be a deep pit formed of concrete.

Some of the brick structures had white tiles on the inside. So what was this? Alex and I got talking after he shared his photos and we concluded that it must have been the former Blantyreferme Pit Bathhouse, constructed in the 1930s for the Blantyreferme Miners. The Bathhouse still existed in the 1960s, although unused by then. Zooming in on old photos from the 1930’s, I saw there was indeed a large pit at the back of the bathhouse. Today, these ruins are in the undergrowth and with nature reclaiming them, the days of the former colliery and mining in this area are now long forgotten.


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