Commercial Bar (Priory Inn History Pt 3)

Continued from Murdochs / Peppers Pub (Priory Inn History pt 2)

Following a change of ownership, in May 1958, Architects Cullen, Lochead and Brown were involved in drawing up plans for alterations and extensions.

The relaunched public house was given the name, the Commercial Bar. Vincy McGuire formerly owned the pub after leaving the Smiddy Bar on Glasgow Road. Punters were predominately male and there mostly for the football, a drink and good banter.

Pictured in the 1960’s outside the Commercial Bar is Thomas (Cutty) Smith of nearby Calder Street.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s it was notoriously a Celtic pub, frequented by many Blantyre people who followed that football club and I’m told a rammy or two outside the pub on match days was quite commonplace. It was known as the Commercial Bar right up until 2008. Live acts included Davy Starrs who is shown in some of these photos.

Here’s a 7 minute video taken in 1991 inside the Commercial Bar.

Can you tell me anymore about who else owned the bar or perhaps who worked there? What’s your memories of the Commercial Bar, as it was then?

On social media:

Emma Jane Williamson My wee gran Moria Robertson and my uncle Jim Robertson both worked behind the bar in the mid 80s and early 90’s. I remember helping clean the glasses behind the bar as a kid.
Anne Lappin It was called McVeys in the 50 s x
Jackie MacDonald In the 60.s it was a Rangers pub.

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