1967 More News from January


Some news from Blantyre Newspapers from January and February 1967.

Co-Op Manager dies after sudden illness
Mr Thomas Lees, drapery manager of Blantyre Co-operative Society early on the last Tuesday of January 1967 at Hairmyres Hospital, after being taken ill the previous day. He was 53 and although living at East Kilbride, he had come to Blantyre to work in 1954. He left a wife and family of 3.

Gangs Clash in High Blantyre
Two gangs of youths from East Kilbride and Blantyre clashed in running battles in High Blantyre on Sunday 29th January 1967. The running fight was dispersed when Police arrived, but not before 7 youths were arrested for fighting in the street.

Various Burns Anniversary Celebrations
Mr. C. Suttle of Hamilton proposed “The Immortal Memory” at a Burns Anniversary celebration at Hastie’s Farm on 25th January , 1967. Lodge Livingstone 599 held their own celebration on the following Saturday at the Masonic Halls on Glasgow Road, when Bro Arthur Jackson gave “The Immortal Memory”. Mr James Gilchrist , President welcomed a large attendance at the annual Burns Supper of the David Livingstone Memorial Church Men’s Club on the following Monday at the Church Hall. Rev D Montgomery of the Hamilton Parish Church gave the toast.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

On social media:

Betty Brown Mr. Lees was my manager in the Coop.
He was always bothered with his nose and breathing.
Irene Dickman Mr Lees was my manager too in the Co-op.
Davy Thomson Think my uncle was a manager there too,, he had the house above the shop in auchinraith Road, came with the job, his name was Alex Paterson
Caroline McDougall My mum used to visit your Auntie Nan in that house xx
Moyra Lindsay We lived next door.

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