1939 Craighead at Piggery


1939 Craighead looking to Piggery wmThis photo may be more difficult to put into a modern context, for only the railway line remains today. Taken in September 1939 by the Smith family, the scene looks north westwards over to the former Craighead Bing.

In the background, the whitewashed building is the piggery and the railway line at this point crosses over the pedestrian tunnel at the end of John Street. As such, the whole scene is not far from the boundaries of Stonefield Public Park.

Despite the smile, this must have been a worrying time for many families. Just days earlier from when this photo was taken, on 3rd September 1939, Neville Chamberlain had broadcast to the nation that Britain was at war with Germany. Thoughts must surely have been of the horrors of the last war and a nervousness of what lay ahead!

With thanks to Anthony Smith for sharing this photo.

Comments on Blantyre Project Social media
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Gord Fotheringham Worked at the piggery 1955….good place to make a couple o bob…..
Margaret Liddle I remember the smell from the piggery
Linda Mcgrory Macintyre Remember my Gran saved food waste and was collected to feed the pigs – must have been late 50’s. Not sure if she got anything in return. x

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