1926 The Whisky Haul



1904 Glasgow Road

In early April 1926, Mr. Anthony Barnett, a young miner living at 21 Forrest Place, High Blantyre, was fined 40s, or ten days’ imprisonment, at Hamilton Sheriff Court in connection with a burglary at the Livingstonia Vaults, 102 Glasgow Road, Blantyre, belonging to Mr John Forbes.

In the early hours of the morning of Saturday 3rd April 1926 police found that the public-house premises had been broken into. The thieves had broken in through the wood panel below a large window on Forrest Street, something that would be repeated again two years later in 1928.

It was stated that the massive haul made by the burglars included 43 bottles of whisky, brandy, beer, and stout, and £3 in cash. The liquor was worth £30, around £1,700 today. The actual burglary appeared to nave been committed by two men who had disappeared.

The accused had acted as a watcher and been immediately caught trying to peddle some of the haul. In court Mr Barnett refused to name his accomplices.

Somewhat earlier, I’ve marked up this picture showing how the thieves gained entry.

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