1926 Glasgow Road Fire


1937-glasgow-road-following-tram-removalOn Saturday 23rd January 1926, a disastrous midnight fire took hold of a building on Glasgow Road.

The tenement premises occupied by Mr William McManus, provision merchant, 183 Glasgow Road, Blantyre were discovered to be on fire about midnight.

The shop was on fire and difficulty was experienced by the tenants in the houses above the shop in making for the street, owing to the dense smoke. The fire brigade was summoned to find the shop a raging furnace and for a time the houses above were in danger.

Alter a long fight the firemen were able to get the outbreak under control and about two o’clock on the Sunday the flames were fully extinguished. The shop was completely gutted, and the damage was estimated at £600. Insurance covered the rebuild and renovation of the damaged shop and homes.

Pictured on the right in the far distance is Central Buildings, where the fire happened.

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Anthony Smith I wonder just how many people remember the smell in those toilets on the left.
Gord Fotheringham I do i do I do…..but on a few occasions ……you had to go……
Jack Owens The buildings on the immediate right is Annfield terrace and was 213 Glasgow Road.
Gord Fotheringham Hasties farm…..and the park gates got locked every night….
Robert McNeill I used to live in Victoria st. and this photo brings back a lot of memories,in my time Hasties farm used to be a bus terminus.
Catherine Beattie Loved that photo oh the memories keep coming back post more please and thank you hello Blantyre. All the way from. Australiax
Marian Maguire Just look at what a lovely Main Street, sadly no longer like that.

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