1957 Mullen – Doyle Wedding

20813160_1371119296256702_1107157401_oI’ve recently had several people email me wishing to add wedding photos to the growing Blantyre Project Wedding Archive, a feature proving quite popular.

Helen Reilly, kindly took time to scan and send over these 2 photos of her parents wedding day in Blantyre in 1957. Helen told me, “My Mum & Dad married in St.Josephs RC church on 22nd June 1957. My mum lived at 74 Farm Road and my dad 25 Bank St, Cambuslang. Mum and dad shared nearly 59 years of marriage until her death in Feb 2016. They were soulmates. “

Pictured are Thomas Mullen and Mary Doyle, looking so finely dressed on that happy day. The other photo shows the beautiful interior of the church in 1957, again on their wedding day.


On Blantyre Project Social media, used with permission here, strictly not for use on any other website or publication:

Mary Chatham Denise Doyle – Your Auntie Mary’s and Uncle Tommy’s wedding. My mum looks soooo like auntie Mary x


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