1967 Matt Boyle Attacked

On the evening of Tuesday 19th September 1967, Matt Boyle, the High Blantyre publican had cashed up at his Main Street pub and was making his way home. He lived at a detached house near Kirkton Cross, which had the name “Parkhurst”, (pictured here in 2007 by Jim Brown)

Matt, born in 1899 was 68 years old at that time and unknown to him, it would be an evening he wouldn’t forget.

Knowing that he’d cashed up, several assailants hid in the bushes in Matts’ driveway laying in wait. Their intention was to steal.

Under cover of darkness the assailants pounced trying to snatch the considerable sum of money that Matt was carrying upon him. Bravely putting up a fight, Matt ended up being terribly assaulted and despite being beaten, badly bruised and dazed, made it into his home.

The doctor was called and subsequently an ambulance had to take him to Hairmyres Hospital where he was kept in for a time. The thieves had made off with his money and there are no further stories of arrests being ever being made.

Matt’s (lovely stone detached) home was demolished in May 2008 to make way for Lomond View flats.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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