Copyright Theft, an update

Thought I’d give a little update on my copyright case against Mr S as a few people had asked. My case is prepared, every word and photo now highlighted in his “book” cross referenced against the Blantyre Project uncredited sources where he took it from.

Here’s example #97. (There are 174 examples by the way!). Auchinraith School. 100% Entirely my words, (not a newspaper), but written by me in Inverness whilst away from home. Attached is my book Vol 2 Pages 140 and 141 published 3 years ago. Here’s Sim’s version from his page 241…… I’ll leave you to guess where he got it from! Some of my language is exactly word for word. My solicitor says he’s never seen such a strong case of copyright theft in his career, only as its so blatant and frequent.

This won’t go away without legal intervention. I don’t want credit for it as there’s just too many errors in his book anyway. I want and WILL get full removal of all my words which i think will half his book. He had plenty of chances and his escalation of abusing me by childish name-calling on his page only highlights the mentality of this vile lazy, unknowledgeable, jealous man.

Hamilton Advertiser, i know you reporters follow this page for leads, please feel free to pick up on this story. You have my permission. Drop me a message.

Nobody will take my hard work and research and publish it, thinking they got away with it. However, given his recent abuse, I’d like to OUT him a little more first for what he’s done and what he’s put me through, before legally forcing removal of all my words and photos from his book later this month. (Holidays and wok in the way), It’s imperative he’s legally prosecuted and this is nipped in the bud before publishing anything else of mine. I’m a fair and tolerant man, private at times and usually keep these thoughts to myself. But he’s had loads of chances and crossed too many lines.

There is something that makes me smile though. He’s my best follower! According to my back office, an IP address from his street keeps appearing on this site every single day. Every day. I suppose being trolled is no other higher form of flattery, which makes me smile most days. My spirits were lifted today at a local walk, when somebody told me they call him the BATman. I asked why and was told its a nickname being touted around a local pub …..BATman (Blantyres Ain Theif). I couldn’t help but smile.

Not just me annoyed at this man. In the last 2 months, I’ve had several calls from people he’s upset over his publication. Just last week I had a long telephone conversation with an elderly man who was most upset and disappointed in Sim putting his photos without permission on the cover, never mind using them inside the book, and discussed options on how to deal with it.

Not over by a long shot but it’s time for me to step back and let others sort it on paper. The message is clear, not just from me, but from Blantyre…..FFS man, look at your age, you should know better, have some morals, at least give yourself some self respect or credibility, have a scrap of decency and stop thieving from hard working, decent people and pay for and do the bloody research yourself. You’re creating quite a name for yourself and don’t take my word for it, but its rapidly becoming your legacy.

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