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As owner of Blantyre Telegraph, I often have my ear to the ground on all breaking news and rumours involving Blantyre. Sometimes, a heads up from reporters, from colleagues or just an interesting message or two. This is the page for current rumours and gossip relating events in and around our town. I’ve kept the juiciest rumours back for turning into stories on Blantyre Project, but the other below ARE just rumours and may not come to be, and as such should be treated with caution. Live rumour or Outcome known

March 2016 – I’ve been hearing…..
1. Matts’ Bar in High Blantyre will be turned into flats. 
2. The High Blantyre Post Office will close. Closed: The office will close but will be moved to Family Shopper.
3. A subway franchise may be coming to Main Street.

October 2015 – I’ve been hearing……
1. A Blantyre local history website has been nominated for an award in 2016! Closed: We got it form SLC!
2. New Homes are planned for Haughhead, in the old barns, although planning not approved yet. Closed: Planning permission was granted for new flats.
3. The Flemington Wind Turbine, fiercely opposed in Blantyre will be strongly protested against throughout November. Closed: In February 2016, the turbine was rejected by planning!

July 2015 – I’ve been hearing……
1. An office supply store and new salon will open in Blantyre. Status: Closed. Dazzling Dolls opened in September in Main Street.
2. David Livingstone Museum will close for 2 years whilst being renovated. Status: Closed. The museum did close on 30th September 2015.
3. New homes are planned for Craighead. Planning passed but construction not started. Status: Ongoing. 

May 2015 – I’ve been hearing……
1. Funding has been applied for renovating the David Livingstone Centre but has not yet been agreed upon. Status: Closed. A grant of £334k has now been given
2. Planning permission is still being discussed for 200 new homes extending High Blantyre around Shott Farm. Status: Ongoing
3. A large 76m wind turbine proposed at Loanend Cottages is being protested against. Status: In June 2015 the initial mast was approved by planning, but the actual wind turbine is going to be protested against.
4. A Large Zipwire fun ride is being discussed that will span the River Clyde between Blantyre and Bothwell. Status: Closed. This is confirmed now for 29th August 2015
5. Somebody famous from TV, will take part in the 2015 Blantyre Festive Lights switch on. Status: Closed. This fell apart at the last minute.

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