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1894 – High Blantyre Primary School

1895 – High Blantyre Primary School

1896 – Ness’s Low Blantyre School (Our earliest school photo)

1897 – 1899 – To be uploaded soon
1900 –
High Blantyre Primary School

1901 – 1904 – Will be Uploaded soon
1905 – Auchentibber Primary School

1906 – 1909 – Will be Uploaded soon
– One of my family photos. High Blantyre Primary with my grandmother as wee girl

1911 – Nessie’s Primary School, my grandfathers picture. He’s the wee boy front middle.

1912 – Will be Uploaded soon
1913 – More family photos, Calder Street Secondary School. Bakery class

1914 – 1917 – Will be Uploaded soon
-St John’s Primary (Hamilton), but photo is of Blantyre girls. Also Nessie’s School, Low Blantyre.

1919 – 1921 – Will be Uploaded soon
1922 – St Josephs Football Team

1923 – 1924 – To be uploaded soon
1925 – Calder Street Secondary School

1926 – 1927 – Will be Uploaded soon
1928 – St Joseph’s School Football Team

1929 – High Blantyre Primary School

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Blantyre School Photos have been collected by myself over the years, although many are sent in by readers and as such may not be reproduced without their permission.

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8 responses to “Blantyre Schools Photos

  1. Hi Paul, if I remember correctly you can just see the tape for the medal around his throat. He didn’t want to boast about it and hid it around his back. They went to Blantyre after living in Twechar. Gran & Grandpa are buried in High Blantyre Cemetry up against the back wall beside a tree. ( James & Mary MacLachlan).


  2. Hi, I’ve come across your site while looking for information about my dad. Somewhere we have a photo of my dad, Robert Summers & his stepbrother, Andrew MacLacLachlan. Dad said he was Dux at High Blantyre school, he said he put the medal round the back of his neck for the photo. I wondered if you had come across those names? Around 1926 – 1928. I’ll look out photos and will post if I can find.


  3. James GRAY was a teacher there about 1950-55ish. He has been looking for photos to go with his life story of a school teacher and Inspector. He loved the school….except the snakes. Do you have any photos in stock of the school then??? Thank you. Robyn Shaw


    • Robyn – James may use any photos from this website for telling his story. I hope to tell the detailed history of St Josephs shortly, but theres a good article on the early huts put up on the site today.


  4. If you are looking for older pictures check out my web site
    in the “family history ” and Blantyre scouts sections are pictures that might interest you, if you see any you can e-mail me and I will send them

    Liked by 1 person

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