Schools 1970’s

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By School: Adventure School, Auchentibber Primary SchoolAuchinraith Primary SchoolAuchinraith Special SchoolBarnhill School RoomBlantyre High School, Blantyre Works Chapel School, Calder Remand School, Calder Street Secondary School, David Livingstone Memorial Primary School, High Blantyre Primary School, Infant School, Kirkton Hall School, Muiredge Primary School, School Lane Parish School, SEBN school, St Blane’s Primary School, St Joseph’s Primary School, St. Joseph’s School Chapel and Stonefield Parish Primary School (Ness’s). Also slightly outwith the Parish. Dalton Special School, Hamilton Grammar, Holycross High School,  John Ogilvie, St Cuthberts, St Johns.

1970 – Calder Street Secondary School

1971 – Calder Street Secondary School

1972Blantyre School Photos , St Josephs Nativity.

1973 – Auchinraith Primary School

1974 – St Joseph’s Primary School, David Livingstone Primary

1975 – St Josephs Primary School, Auchinraith Primary, St Joseph’s Primary and High Blantyre Primary, David Livingstone Primary

1976 – St Josephs School and various High Blantyre Primary, David Livingstone Primary

1977 – Auchinraith Primary School and David Livingstone Primary. High Blantyre Primary School.

1978 High Blantyre Primary School and St Joseph’s Primary School

1979 – High Blantyre Primary School , Auchinraith Primary & St Blane’s Primary, David Livingstone Primary, John Ogilvie

Results: 50 photos

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