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Over the last 3 decades, I’ve collected a large photo collection of historical Blantyre. This includes paintings, postcards and etchings. Now in the process of being uploaded here on a daily basis. As well as extensive galleries, I’ve sorted them into an historical timeline for your convenience (oldest first), showing all of Blantyre’s important milestones. If you would like to add YOUR photos here, please click submit to Blantyre Project. Click images below to access each archive. Enjoy!

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Auchentibber, Craigneith & Calderwood


High Blantyre

Hunthill Blantyre

Priory Blantyre

Stonefield Blantyre

Blantyre Village Works

Documents Blantyre

Copyright notice: All photos may be printed off for offline use copyright free. Many are scheduled for use in my own books. Where any of these images are intended to be published online or in books, please contact me first to check for permission. Thanks.