Blantyre Project News 2017


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15 September 2017
Thank you to Norma and Al for their wonderful gift of old books, once belong to their family in Blantyre. They’ll be well looked after and are appreciated.

02 September 2017
I’ve been at the Lanarkshire Family History Show! Had a wonderful day out!

29 August 2017
My little hand in assisting to name some new Blantyre Streets! Well chuffed.

28 August 2017
A reminder I’m hosting Blantyre Project at the Lanarkshire Family History Exhibition on Saturday 2nd Sept. See you there! Read more here.

13 August 2017
Along with Bonnie Blantyre, Im co-hosting the farewell conifers woodland walk at Greenhall, the day before they’re felled. Come along. Join our free event for a nostalgic walk through the woods and photo opportunity. Read here. Also today, update on the recent copyright theft where somebody keeps taking context without permission and even published it!

06 August 2017
I’ve been away on holiday, but as usual, still got loads of Blantyre writing done whilst away. Read more here.

7 July 2017
Work on expanding and enhancing large sections of Blantyre Project website is underway, preparing for a huge upload in further modules and archived photos and stories. Stay tuned.

6 July 2017
13,000 likes on Facebook, or just as many people in Blantyre of voting age! Amazing.

3 July 2017
To save people having to come to my door for books and to assist those offline, I have decided to maintain the June 2017 Gala discounts and keep all 7 of my books on permanent discount, making them more affordable and easily available to buy from the Miners Welfare Community Resource Centre in Calder Street. Read more here.

30 June 2017
I’m donating a Smart TV to Blantyre Library from funds raised by Blantyre Project during June. Read more here.

29 June 2017
A serious breach of copyright theft occurred this week when Mr Sim, of Blantyre published a book full of Blantyre Project content (images and narrative) without permission. The event forced me to report it to publisher for investigation. Yesterday, I met with two other individuals whose images were published without consent are considering their legal position. Many of the social comments in his book were taken without permission from the comments of readers here. Mr Sim’s lack of effort, lack of morals and continued theft will be exposed in public at every turn, at every event, at IMG_2745every opportunity to all. Read more here. Meantime, I have marked up his entire book as evidence to all, showing in pink all the words and photos he has taken from Blantyre Project, in orange all the inaccurate and false facts and in yellow downright lies and deliberate attempts to mislead readers. Green, will be comments of others used without permission, taken from Blantyre Project social media comments. I will NOT tolerate copyright theft even in one sentence, let alone throughout a whole book. Blantyre will hear much more about this despicable, vile effort.

25 June 2017
Bulk order of Crossbasket Castle Books ordered by the Castle manager. Thank you sincerely. All proceeds of that order (now delivered) will go entirely into July’s fundraising campaign on Blantyre Telegraph, benefiting Blantyre Community as a whole. It’s the perfect vendor relationship for all parties! Thanks. Read more here.

24 June 2017
Donation of £310 books to Blantyre organisations, including copies of Blantyre Project books to the Library, Blantyre Health Centre, Bonnie Blantyre and 3 Care homes. Thank you to everybody who bought these books at recent gala days. Brilliant. Read here.

10 June 2017
My new book, a 7th no less, “Blantyre Images” goes on sale globally. Read here.

28 May 2017
Several website enhancements have been activated. Read here.

25 May 2017
I’m thinking of launching a Blantyre Telegraph Annual under my publication company, “Blantyre Project”. Read more here for news.

17 February 2017
New book out today! Annals of Blantyre is launched , available online from Amazon with free delivery. Read more here.

08 February 2017
wow! 12,000 likes on our Facebook Page! Now THATS something! Read here.

05 February 2017
Been trying my hand at Colouring old Black and White photos. I think I’ll create a new colour photo section on the site, with these reworked photos. More here.