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MacDonald: Passing of Margo MacDonald – former resident Barnhill x2 camera-film-iconThis article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
MacFarlane: MacFarlanes of Calderside – sent in by J Cochrane x1
MacFarlane: Ronald MacFarlane Senior – Territorial Army 1927 x1
MacFarlane – MacFarlane family visit – from abroad 1950 x1
MacFarlane – Diamond Wedding Anniversary – Duncan x1
MacKenzie: Helen MacKenzie – Committed bigamy in 1920 x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
MacLeay: Donald McLeay – owner of Airdville x1
MacMillan: Archibald MacMillan – police officer x1
Mackie: John Mackie’s Wedding – 1927 in New Zealand x1
Maguire: McGuires Link to ancestry x1
Main: Annie Baird Main – School at Greenfield 1926 x1
Main: Main Children – At Udston around 1920 x1
Main: Annie Main – photo shared by Jim Cochrane x1
Main: The Mains at Udston Farm – Shared by Jim Cochrane x1
Main: Robert Main at Little Udston Farm – shared by J Cochrane x1
Main: Christina & Robert Main– shared by the Cochranes x1
Main: Christina Main – 1910 x1
Main: Alexander Baird Main – b1916 and d2008 x1
Mains: Mary Mains – Remembered  x1
Mains: Jessie Mains – and Accies Lottery  x1
Mann: Johnnie Mann – A well known character x1
Mann: Death old Inkerman: Crimean Veteran  x1
Markey: Frank Markey – Blantyre Boxer x1
Markey: More Frank Markey – Blantyre Boxer x1
Marshall: Alex Main & Jim Marshall – shared by Jim Cochrane x1
Marshall: Marshalls – at their Calderside kitchen in 1969 x2
Marshall: Annie Marshall (nee Main) – aged 20 around 1934 x1
Marshall: Jim and Jean Marshall – photographed in 1932 x1
Marshall: James Marshall – of Calderside shared by J Cochrane x1
Marshall: John Marshall – at Calderside aged 3 x1
Marshall: Robert Marshall – WW2 photos by Jim Cochrane x3
Marshall: Marshalls – Calderside Haytime x1
Marshall: Bobby and Archie Marshall – Shared by J Cochrane x1This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Marshall: Donald Marshalls – wedding to Nettie late 40s x2
Marshall: Annie Main Marshall – At Udston Farm. By J Cochrane x1
Marshall: Donny Marshall of Calderside – WW2 photo by J Cochrane x1
Marshall: Scotland’s Oldest Triplets – originally from Blantyre x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Marshall: Annie Baird Marshall – brief history x2
Martin: James Martins Fate – at Hallside x1
Martin: Thomas Martin – Innkeeper  x1
Mayberry: Hugh Mayberry – some detail  x1
McAnaw: Janitor Daniel McAnaw – High Blantyre  x1
McAnulty: Andra McAnulty – Campaigner for better working conditionsx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
McAnulty: Andra – caught being drunk x1
McArthur: McArthur family – ready for India 1967 x1
McAuley: Sarah McAuley – tragic end to sunday service x1
McAuley: John McAuley – Miner who left for Nova Scotia x1
McBain: Douglas McBain – footballer x1
McCabe: At Auchinraith – ancestry x1
McCallum: Janette McCallum at Public Park x1
McCallum: Robert C McCallum warden at DLC x1
McCarroll: McCarroll – I built that by Jade McCarroll x1
McClelland: Hugh McClelland  – at Model Hostel x2
McConnell: Margaret McConnell – A teachers farewell 1971 x1
McConnell: Young Miners Fraud – coal scam x1
McDade: Presentation of Gold Watch – in 1889 x6
McGill: John McGill 1897 – 1916 – of Allison Place x2
McGladdery: Mary McGladdery – tortured by scandal 1924 x1
McGowan: Mr Walter McGowan – bowling in 1967 x1
McGregor: McGregor, Hawker – steals wee girl 1922 x1
McGroarty: Elizabeth and Julia McGroarty – history x1
McGuigan: McGuigan Family photo – and history x1
McGuigan: Childsplay photos 1959 x2
McGuigan: Ann, Matthew and John 1960 x1
McGuire: Alice Innes McGuire – in the 1950s x2
McGuire: Catherine and John McGuire – 1950s x1
McGuire: McGuire – Dot Spears – St Cuthberts Football Team x1
McGuire: McGuire Family Photos – 1940’s and 1950s x4
McGuire: McGuire Further photos – 1940s and 1950s x3
McGuire: Robert McGuire – Local boy killed in colliery 1883 x1
McIntyre: Duncan and Flora McIntyre – at shuttle row x3
McKerrell: Danny McKerrell – the Blantyre footballer x1
McKerrow: Hugh McKerrow – remembering in 1880 x1
McKie: Susan Mckie – content winner in 1978 x1
McKinlay: Ken McKinlay – Speedway racer x3
McLaughlin: McLaughlin of Blantyre – 1910 photo x1
McLean: Alex McLean – President of Steel and Iron Society honoured x2
McLean: James McLean – ‘Wireless pirate’ 1927 x1
McLellan: James McLellan – Blacksmith of High Blantyre x1
McLuskey: Scott McLuskey – little jockey 1978
McMillan: Archibald McMillan – retires 1967 x1
McNeil: Death of Glasgow Oarsman in Blantyre – James Banks McNeilx1
McQuade: Elaine Campbell McQuade – Co-op worker x3
McSkimming: Livingstone’s Teacher – Mr McSkimming & wife x1
McVey: Thomas McVey – and parents x1
McWhinney: Miss Annie McWhinney – Vanishes x1
McWilliam: Major Jimmy McWilliam – sent in by Nick Rice x1
Melville: Isabella Andrew Melville – shared by J Cochrane x1
Melville: Agnes Melville – Shared by J Cochrane x1
Menzies: Alex Menzies – footballer  x2
Menzies: Rouken Glen Troupe – Entertainment troupe Menzies minerx1
Miliunas: Victor Miliunas – the celebrated Lithuanian author x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Miller: William Miller – Blantyre 1871  x3
Miller: Eddie Miller – Featherweight boxer x1
Miller: Atomic Tommy Miller – Speedway star  x3
Moir: Alexander Moir – Ex policeman and spirit merchant  x2
Moffat: Davie Moffat – the Blantyre Hermit  x2
Moncrief: Peter Moncrief and office staff – 1980 Blantyre High School  x1
Moncrief – Peter Moncrief – more about the Head Teacher  x1
Moore: Amanda Moore’s Trip – 1978  x2
Morgan: Morgans and Gardners – at Hunthill  x1
Morrison: Morrisons – From Blantyre to New Zealand x3
Morrison: Evelyn Morrison – retired footballer becomes teacher x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Morrison: John Morrison– 25th Wedding Anniversary 1947 x1
Mulvanny: Alan Mulvanny – the Blantyre ref x1
Murphy: Life & Time of Frances Murphy (nee Docherty) – Her memoriesx3 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Murray: Philip Murray – The Industry heavyweight x2
Murray: Commemorating Philip Murray – Memorial x1
Murray: James Murray – hero in 1928 x1
Matytsine: Bernadette’s Glasgow Road – Song x1

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