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Ness: Major John Ness – Blantyre headmaster x2
Nichol: Jane Nichol and grandchildren x1
Nichol: John Hall Nichol – builder and property owner x1
Nichol: John Hall Nichol – more about the builder x1
Nicholson: May Nicholson & Christina Main x2
Nicholson: Peggy Nicholson, former owner Greenhall x3
Nimmo: Nimmo’s Band – Auchentibber’s Willie Nimmo x1
Nimmo: Margaret Nimmo – of Blantyre now Canada x2
Nimmo: James Nimmo – at Auchinraith in 1954 x1
Nimmo: James Nimmo Jnr – at Auchinraith in 1960 x1
Nimmo: Nimmo’s of Auchentibber – late 1950s x1
Nimmo: Nimmo family women – 1930s x1
Nimmo: Robert Nimmo – Military Records x3
Nimmo: Mary & Annie Nimmo – photo x1
Nimmo: Nimmo – Jane Currie x1
Nimmo: Jim Nimmo at Kirkton Avenue 1960 x1
Niven: Mars Niven – Married to Susan Doane emigrated to Canada x3

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