Blantyre Schools

Blantyre Schools

The History of Blantyre’s Primary and Secondary Schools

An exclusive detailed history of all Blantyre’s 21 Schools, past and present is listed here. You can choose by School, or by Year. Extracts from the book draft “Blantyre Schools – sit up straight” by Paul Veverka explores the requirement and construction of Blantyre’s schools, including in some cases, their demise and explores the Parochial and Parish Education’s involvement.

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  • Adventure School at Kirkton, (History / Photos)
  • Auchentibber Primary School, (History / Photos)
  • Auchinraith Girl’s School, (History / Photos)
  • Auchinraith Primary School, (History / Photos)
  • Auchinraith Special School, (History / Photos)
  • Barnhill School, (History / Photos)
  • Blantyre High School, (History / Photos)
  • Blantyre Works Chapel School, (History / Photos)
  • Calder Remand School, (History / Photos)
  • Calder Street Secondary School, (History / Photos)
  • David Livingstone Memorial Primary School, (History / Photos)
  • High Blantyre Primary School (Hunthill Road), (History / Photos)
  • High Blantyre Primary School (Broompark Road), (History / Photos)
  • Infant School, (History / Photos)
  • Kirkton Hall School, (History / Photos)
  • School Lane Parish School, (History / Photos)
  • Kear Campus SEBN Secondary school, (History / Photos)
  • St Blane’s Primary School, (History / Photos)
  • St Joseph’s Primary School, (History / Photos)
  • St. Joseph’s School Chapel, (History / Photos)
  • Stonefield Parish Primary School (Ness’s), (History / Photos)
  • Throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st Century many Blantyre pupils also attended schools slightly outwith the Parish. St Johns, Hamilton Grammar, St Cuthberts, Holycross High School and John Ogilvie are examples of such. Pupils from Muiredge Primary School were also temporarily accommodated in Blantyre
  • The School that nearly came to be. Blantyre RC Secondary School and Part 2

Interesting Education Events by Year

Blantyre Schools Pre 1750 – early history x1
The Hall School – High Blantyre x1
School Lane Parish School – at Kirkton x1
Muiredge Primary School – Low Blantyre x1
Kear Campus, Secondary School – Bardykes  x3

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