Do YOU need help with tracing your Blantyre ancestors? Perhaps you want to know more about them, where they lived or what they did? Or want to ask about a building, news event or something else? I’m here to help.

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offers a free resource to give you ancestry help, depending on the frequency of enquiries coming in. It’s one of the many reasons this website has become so popular. You can add your requests to the list below which forms my “to do” list keeping you updated here.

It’s a lot simpler to get started that you may think. Just tell me the full name of the person you want to know more about and who they were married to.   If you have more information, especially dates (e.g births, marriages, deaths even better!) Requests are particularly successful for investigation before 1930. As long as there’s a Blantyre related connection, I’m happy to investigate on a first come, first served basis. By asking below, you understand that any findings will be scheduled to appear on this site at a later date and with your permission, may appear in future history books. NOTE, due to work commitments, it may take several weeks to investigate, but I’ll get there! 

“We should all know where we’ve come from, before we plan on where we’re going”

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  1. hi paul can u help me on this father john Thomson born 1865-1919 mother Hannah fraser 1869-1919 had 7 kids trying to trace Jessie born 1890-1949 she married Robert flemiing had 3 kids david 1909 born Blantyre john Thomson 1913 born Rutherglen john married doris edna Gibson married in 1950 Hannah 1915 born Blantyre did david Hannah marry can u find there birth death marrage and if they had any kids ina i think they lived in ruthglen


  2. Hi Paul
    I was in touch with you last August for some help with my Nairm/Robertson ancestors. I also spoke to you at the Family History Day at Motherwell. I see my request is on Page 3. Robert Nairn was one of the Ferrymen on the ferry between Blantyre & Bothwell. Have you had any luck with these families. Also would you tell me which book has the info about the Ferry, & about the structure near to Livingstone Memorial which has details about the Ferry on it. I’ve tried to find it , but no one seems to know where it is. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Isabel.


  3. I would be grateful for any information about the school or the book…I found a book (Poems Of Tenyson) in a cupboard and on the front it says – Blantyre Parish School Board Low Blantyre Public School Special Prize Presented To Marion Forrest on Completion of Night Years Perfect Attendance At This School 16th June 1911. I’m not sure if it was presented to my Great Grandmother or her daughter.


  4. Hi Paul, hope you are well ? What an interesting story today about Mr Charles Donnelly who went to New York. Mrs Berry was my Great Grandmother, and her son Owen, ( my grandfather ) also went to America and I wonder if it was because of Charles ? My Grandpa stayed for a few years but came back to Blantyre. Oh I think there might be a story here ! Would you be able to help ? I think I still have the name of the ship he sailed on. X

    Kind regards

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    Sent from my iPad


  5. Hi. Finding out a lot recently that Daniel Bell my father I think was born in Glasgow Road, Burnbank in the early 1920s and am trying to find more of his life there. Thank you


  6. Hello (possibly again). I thought I left a message last night but I do not see it on the posts. My name is Scott Browne from Toronto Canada here in Hamilton/Blantyre until Friday morning. Please email me at address below if you can help me or got my original message. If not I will resend to you when you advise. Being kicked out of Hamilton Library but Angela says you are super nice.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Scott – The first time a person posts here it is moderated, just in case its spam. i.e i have to approve which I normally do within 24 hours. You should be able to post freely anywhere now and all the comments you’ve made will now be there.


      • Yes thank you, I did see it afterwards so I’m sorry.

        I’m starting out now to go around Blantyre. (Lovely Scotish day). Is there anything you can think of to assist me in my quest


  7. My name is Scott Brown, form Canada. I arrived last night in Blantyre/Hamilton and I’m here searching for history on my Grandma’s family the Stewart’s (I know right). I am hoping someone out their will know my Gram’s family. Parents Malcolm Stewart (a butcher as was his father and uncles) and Annie Kelly. First lived in Hamilton and had Alexander and John both of whom I believe died in WWI. Then came Elizabeth (Bessie) who married John Young. Malcolm married Janet Smith Duncan, Margaret (unmarried), My Gram Jane Jeanie” who moved to Canada at 18yrs of age. Then Agnes, Jessie (hus Robert MacIntyre and lastly Gilbert and John who died within a month of one another in Italy 1924. Their was a Butcher Shop that may have me in Burnbank but was definitely called Stewart’s Butcher. They lived primarily at 6 Hardie Street in Balantyre but also at 99 Auchinfaith Road, Blantyre and 5 Ann Street, Hamilton. Please if this family rings a bell with anyone contact me even if its after i leave Friday April 27, 2018.

    God Bless and best wishes


  8. Looking for pictures of Spittal Terrace which came under Cambuslang, my father was a electrician in Bardykes Colleriery (Peter Simm) My mum Rita Simm (nee Goodfellow) my brothers Andrew & William and myself lived in the two storey building next to put head. I think we stayed there from 1949 – 1963-64 due to put closing. Happiest part of my childhood.
    All our relatives came from Blantyre and I thought as a child that we stayed in Blantyre.


    • trying to find our family this is what ive got john Thomson 1865-1919 married Hannah fraser 1865-1919 lived in broompark road had 6 kids only need few more info on them john fraser Thomson 1888-1954 magaret Nicholas 1890-1962 they had 3 kids Robert dob and death marriage john fraser 1923 don’t k where when he died also john fraser 1865- 19 need his sister brothers Jessie born 1890 need her death marrage mary g 1892 death marriage david 1902 death marrage hope u can help me Ina Barrie Sanders

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  9. I am trying to do some research into where my family are from and I have found out that some of my family on my mums side came from Blantyre. My mums father was Charles Brookens Forrest who was born in Blantyre around 1894 and I think her Grandfather – Maxwell Forrest was born in Blantyre as well around 1854. I would be very grateful for some information on the above.

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    • My Maiden name was Ann Pearson , now Allan, and I was brought up in Pitlochry, Perthshire., now live in Edinburgh.
      My mum, before she married my dad, was Agnes Lennon and she was born in Blantyre, Scotland.
      Her mum, my granny, was Agnes Lennon nee Stokes M.S. Feechan.
      They lived at 77 Auchinraith Road, Blantyre. I know my granny is buried in Blantyre beside her son Colin.
      I would love to know more about my grans background. Also my grandad was Bernard Lennon and would be lovely to know more about him also.
      Would appreciate any info.
      Many thanks.
      P.S. how do I get on your Facebook Page? Thanks.


  10. trying to find birth date of Robert Thomson his father was john fraser Thomas born 1888 died 1954 his wife was magaret Nicholas born 1890 died 1962 can any one help me pls


  11. hi can u help me with this father john Thomson born 1865 mother Hannah Thomson born 1869 had Jessie 26th march 1890 larkhall and mary gardiner 4th june 1892 Blantyre need all there deaths ina sanders


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